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Chosabi's third location is coming soon!

Fast. Casual. Fresh.

At Chosabi we love convenience and keeping things simple, but most of all, we love food. Using only the freshest ingredients and locally sourced products we strive to create something fast, fresh and easy without compromising on taste or nutrition. From rice bowls to poké bowls, our famous sushi burrito and many other delicious options, Chosabi remixes the best of Asian cuisine staples into something that is truly unique.

Come and experience Chosabi at our latest location - 2696 Pembina Highway. Our original location on King Street continues to satisfy your Chosabi cravings when you're in the Heart of the Exchange District


Call for pick-up
King: 204.615.8338
Pembina: 204.615.8313

Sushi Burrito

The Chosabi

Tuna, salmon, crab meat, cucumber, tempura flakes, spicy aioli, avocado, sushi rice

- Gluten free option available -

Jumping Shrimp

Panko shrimp, creamy crabmeat, mango, cucumber,avocado, sushi rice, spicy aioli


California Sumo

Crab meat, tobiko, avocado, sweet mayo, cucumber, sushi rice, sweet soya


King St. Chicken

Chicken strips, avocado, asian slaw, wonton chips, thai sweet chilli sauce, spicy aioli

Happy Buddha

Marinated soya, shiitake mushrooms, cucumber,
soya bean, kale, sesame seed, spinach, fried tofu, carrots, sushi rice

- Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free option available -


Panko pork, avocado, asian slaw, corn, Japanese worcestershire, chipotle aioli and Japanese mayo


Poké Bowl

A Hawaiian favourite! Marinated tuna/salmon, served with wakame salad, edamame beans, avocado, carrots, furikake, wasabi aioli, wonton chips

Tuna/Salmon - $15
Shrimp - $15
Tofu - $12

- Gluten free option available -

The Pacman Special

Filipino sausage, tocino, fried egg, mixed vegetables

Thai Green Curry

Tofu - $10
Chicken - $12
Shrimp - $14

- Vegetarian and gluten free option available -

K-Pop Bowl

Rice, Bulgogi sauce, red peppers, lettuce, pickled radish, spicy Korean miso aioli, cucumbers and topped with a fried egg

Shrimp - $14
Beef - $13
Pork - $12
Tofu - $10

Spicy Kimchi Udon

Japanese udon noodles, spicy kimchi sauce, mixed vegetables, green onions, seaweed and masago (fish eggs)

Regular - $12
Pork - $12
Chicken - $12
Beef - $13
Shrimp - $14

Menu items may change by location

Be on the lookout for new classic favorites by Chosabi!



  • Espresso (1 shot) - $2.50
  • Espresso (2 shots) - $3.25
  • Capuccino (2 shots) - $4.00
  • Café Latte (2 shots) - $2.50
  • Café Americano (2 shots) - $3.50
  • Vietnamese Style Coffee - Hot or iced - $4.25


  • Green Tea Latte - Hot or iced - $4.50
  • Green Tea - Loose Leaf - $3.50
  • Genmai Cha - Roasted rice green tea - $3.50
  • Thai Iced Tea - $4.50


  • Red by the Glass - $8.00
  • White by the Glass - $8.00


  • Sapporo - $6.00
  • Mr. Chow - $6.00


  • By the bottle - $6.00

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100 King St.

Winnipeg, MB.

p: 204.615.8338
e: info@chosabi.com

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2696 Pembina Highway

Winnipeg, MB.

p: 204.615.8313
e: info@chosabi.com

Monday - Saturday
11:00am - 9:00pm

12:00pm - 8:00pm


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